Why do I need collectible cards on Steam?

In order to understand this issue, we’ll first try to understand what collectible cards mean overall...

Collectible cards are a kind of cards or tokens that you can get from gaming, or even just starting the game on Steam. But these are not all the possible ways to get them(more on that later).

Why do I need collectible cards on Steam?

However, you can get these desirable cards not in all games. So, if you decide to become a collector, first check if the game you have chosen takes part in the card program. You can find it out by the following badge on the game page on Steam:

Why do I need collectible cards on Steam?

Each game has 5 to 15 different common cards and the same number of rare (metal) cards, but more on that a little later.

How do you get Steam cards?

Now that we’ve figured out from which games, we can get cards, we stock up on food and drinks, and go on an adventure for card hunting. After 2 hours of playing, you’ll receive all the promised cards.

👉🏻 If you bought the game for money, you will get about half of its full collection, as in our example with the game Dead by Daylight:

Why do I need collectible cards on Steam?

By the way, you can see the cards you’ve already collected in the following path:
Username → Badges

After that, the cards will no longer drop from the game, if you want to collect a full set, you’ll have to buy the missing ones on the marketplace, exchange it with other Steam users, or you can hope for a booster to drop out (what a booster is and how to get it will be explained below)

Why do I need collectible cards on Steam?

👉🏻 If you decided to save some money and earn cards for free, they will drop out of it only for in-game purchases, 1 card for every $9 spent in the game.

Why do I need collectible cards on Steam?

All collected cards can be found in your Steam inventory.

There are two types of cards – common and metal. We’ll tell you about the second type later.

What are steam Boosters?

After getting all the cards available during the game, you have a small chance of getting a booster for the same game.
A booster is a set containing 3 random cards. They are given out to random users of the game every week.

Why do I need collectible cards on Steam?

Boosters, like cards, are in your inventory, click on the booster, and then on the «Unpack» button that appears to the right. And watch if luck is on your side today.

Why do I need collectible cards on Steam?

❗️Note that the higher the Steam level, the greater the chance of getting a booster!

Level 10: Drop chance increased by 20%
Level 20: Drop chance increased by 40%
Level 30: Drop chance increased by 60%
Level 40: Drop chance increased by 80%
Level 50: Drop chance increased by 100% (i.e. the chances double)
And so on.

For example, users with profile level 50 can get 1 booster per week! And the more games, the more chances to get boosters from them!

❗️By the way, you can buy games in batches on SteamLevelU!
Learn more here - How to buy games on SteamLevelU?

Where and how can you use the cards?

And now we know what Steam cards are and where to get them. There is only one question left: where do you use them? We will tell you about everything in detail and point by point😌

I. Sell them.

Perhaps the simplest and most obvious way to use them. Just sitting around in your inventory won’t bring you any profit, and so, you can earn yourself new games on Steam to continue your collection.

Why do I need collectible cards on Steam?

To sell them, just go to your inventory, click on the card you need and click “Sell”. Then set the price on the marketplace and wait until someone buys it out.

👉🏻 And you can exchange sets of cards for a Steam level on our website

II. Convert them to gems.

By turning cards into gems, you open up new functions for yourself, for example, for leveling up on our website.

Why do I need collectible cards on Steam?

III. Making badges.

To create a badge, we’ll need a complete collection of cards, i.e. one of each type for the game.

To create a common badge, you use common cards, and for a metal one, respectively, metal ones. Special badges are made from metal cards.

Why do I need collectible cards on Steam?

But their main difference from common ones is their rarity and status, because they are much more difficult to get. A common badge can have 5 levels, and a metal badge only 1

❗️ When creating a badge, the cards you use disappear ❗️

When creating a badge, we also get one background that can be set up in your profile, one emoji that you can use, for example, in chat and one discount coupon for a random game.

Why do I need collectible cards on Steam?

Crafting a metal badge gives you the same rewards as a common one.

To make a badge of level 2 and above, you need to collect additional set(s) of cards, as you do for the 1st level, and click on 'Create a badge' again. Thus, for all 5 levels, you will increase your rewards by 5 times accordingly.

⭐️ The badge itself does not give you any benefit, except for account experience, of course. But you can also use it to decorate your profile. And as we said above, for every 10 levels, your chance of getting boosters increases by 20% (more about Steam levels here)

Why do I need collectible cards on Steam?

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