How to buy Steam game keys cheap?

How to buy a game on the site?

To get started, you will need to go to our website and log in through Steam so that you can use all the functionality.

How to buy Steam game keys cheap?

Now we have an endless world of possibilities on SteamLevelU.

But today we are only looking at buying games, so next you need to go to the 'Games' tab on the top panel.

Here you have an extensive list of games that you can purchase, and even more than one copy!

How to buy Steam game keys cheap?

Several badges and a long slider will appear above the list of games! Let's analyze each element in more detail:

The first badge in the form of several cards is responsible for enabling the display of only those games in which you can get collectible cards on Steam.

How to buy Steam game keys cheap?

A bit to the right, the badge of a man with a joystick displays the games that you already have in the Steam library.

How to buy Steam game keys cheap?

The next 'History' button allows you to see the history of your purchases of games.

The slider below is responsible for the amount of games that you want to purchase. You can specify any number up to the total amount of games that we currently have.

Slightly to the right, the amount that you will need to pay for the specified number of games will be displayed.

How to buy Steam game keys cheap?

❗You need to remember that by moving the slider, the site itself will choose the games that you will pay for. But you can yourself choose the games you are interested in from the list and buy them!

Also, above the list of games itself, there are “sorters” by game, availability of cards, number of games on the site, and cost.

How to buy Steam game keys cheap?

Now that we have dealt with all the buttons, you can make the desired purchase!

Set the desired filters up and select the game(s).

Next, click on the button with the amount. If there is not enough money in the account, the site will offer you ways to fund. If there is enough money, then you will immediately be offered a key to activate games on Steam.

Press 'Copy'

How to buy Steam game keys cheap?

Now we go to Steam: Log in to your account ➔ Open the 'Games' menu at the top of the client ➔ Select 'Activate on Steam...' ➔ Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the activation of the game by entering the retail activation key.

How to buy Steam game keys cheap?


You now have the game you dreamed about and you can do whatever you want with it! For example, you can play it!

And remember that there are never too many games.