What is a level on Steam?
Steam is a multiplayer online service for game sale and distribution, and more. For many people, Steam has already become a full-fledged social medium, thanks to which they communicate and share their impressions of the games with their friends.

And, of course, just like in real life, the so-called “social status” of a person is important here, which in our case is manifested by the level of your account. We’ll talk about it today

So why would you level up on Steam?

To answer this question, we’ll figure out what this desirable level gives you:

I. Increase in the limit of your friends.
Do you have too many friends that you can’t fit in? Then this level up is for you! With each level you get, your friends list can expand by 5 people.

II. Popularity.
The higher the level, the higher position you have in the friends list, which makes you more eye-catching. People will make deals with you more often and invite you to their group. You’ll like a star!

III. Decorations.
By raising the level, you will have a new opportunity – profile showcases, which can be decorated with any item from the game, which will make your profile even more fun and original.

And don’t forget that with every tenth level, the level display badge itself also changes. It will add to your profile perfectly as well.

IV. Collectible cards.
As you level up, your chances of getting rare collectible cards and various discount coupons for games also increase.

How do you level up on Steam?
And now, when we’ve figured out what privileges the level gives us, we think, “How can you get it up?”. We’ll tell you about everything in detail.

There are two ways to level up Steam – free and paid ways 💲

Free level-up methods involve:

I. Completing tasks.
Each player has a specific list of tasks in the «Community Ambassador» section. By doing them, you can slowly but surely raise your level.

II. Participation in events.
During discounts on Steam, dedicated to certain holidays, the user receives notifications. During these events, you can complete a few simple tasks to earn yourself a new badge.

III. Item exchange.
You need to make exchange transactions with other Steam users to get points and missing items to level up

IV. Card crafting.
You can get new cards to increase the level by crafting them, using the gems you have collected from the deconstructing other cards

Free level-up ways take some time and patience. So, if you are a hardcore lover, then these methods are for you

Paid ways to level up:

I. Crafting badges.
After the set of collectible cards is full, the user can create a game badge from them. «Badges» are linked to user accounts and are displayed in their profiles. Creating in-game badges gives the user a certain amount of profile experience and three items: Profile backgrounds, Emojis, Coupons

You should remember that only half of the card collection can drop from the game at most, so you will have to spend some money on buying the missing ones.

II. Buying games.
The amount of experience doesn’t depend on the cost of the game. Its value is always 1, which is extremely unfortunate.

III. Buying cards.
You can also sell cards, getting money, for which you can buy new cards or games, and so on and so forth, until you get the result you wish for.

IV. Level Up services.
Today, this is the most efficient and fastest way to achieve the desired level. If you want to it, you can use several items:
- CS:GO keys, TF2 or Hydra 🔑
- Gems 💎
- CS:GO skins 🔫
- Direct with money 💰

You can also exchange your sets of cards on our website, so as not to look for an opponent on the Internet. And then with the received items, you can level up. It's that simple!

Easy level-ups with SteamLevelU!