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You can change the mode to this button. During the Sales period, you will be able to level up to the maximum, because the sale badge can be upgraded to more than just the 5th level. You will also be able to sell cards, which are used for badge creation at a good price. This will allow to fill your Steam wallet. You can buy kits to create this badge on the sale page. The badge consists of 10 mystical cards, each of which is numbered. After the start of the Sales, the cards receive their unique name and image. You can create a badge from the complete collection of these cards that will give you experience to level up your Steam account. You can also get these cards as an additional bonus when creating a badge from ANY Steam game.
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XP: 100
Sets: 1
Emoticons: 1
Backgrounds: 1
Game Coupons: 1
Showcases: 0 /16
Friend Cap: 255 /2000
Booster Pack Drop Rate: +0%
SteamLadder World Rank: #1890575
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