Promotions and giveaways

Social network
Till 25.02.2023

Balance for tagging on social networks

Tag us in your social network, send us a proof of your activity to our email, or to our support and get instant bonuses!


Weekly competitions in our social networks

In all of our social networks there is a weekly balance giveaway.

In Discord server in the channel 'Giveaway', Vkontakte in the attached post.


Bonus for joining the Discord server

Log on to our server and automatically get a bonus as a promo code, which you can use on the site.


Activity rating on the Discord server

In our Discord server an activity competition is held every month, be active for a month and get valuable and costly rewards as a result!

P.s. for participate you need to be subscribed to the server.


Activity rating in the VK group

Every month a competition is held in our group in VK, be active during the month and get valuable prizes at the end!

P.s for participation, you need to be subscribed to the group.


Bonus for first login

Use promo code 'STEAMLEVELU' in the balance tab and get a bonus! For free!