Steam Sale

Steam has a special sale every year where you can buy games at big discounts, level up faster, and earn money with cards.

We'll tell you about all the benefits of the Steam sale next…

Steam Sale

Interesting features of the sale

So what is the sale on Steam?

Shortly before sale starts, special Mysterious cards will appear on Steam. They are the harbinger of a major holiday sale. We will tell you more about it later.

Most of the products will receive a discount when sale starts. But it's only up to you to decide whether a big discount or a small one.

Steam Sale

The sale lasts only 2 weeks, so hurry up to have time to buy everything!

Steam Mysterious cards

Card functions

Let's start with explaining why these cards are needed:

I. For creation of a badge.

Once you have a complete collection of these cards (10 in total), you can make yourself a sale badge. Before sale starts, the cards are simply numbered, and the appearance of the badge is unknown.

Steam Sale

Crafting a Sale Badge will also earn you XP for your Steam Account Level. Also, it can be improved beyond the fifth level.

II. You can sell them.

If you do not need to level up your account, then Mysterious Cards can be sold in the Steam marketplace or on our website.

Receiving cards

We've figured out what the Mysterious Cards give us. Now the question arises: Where to get them? Now we will tell you everything

These cards can be obtained from creating a badge from ANY Steam game. Yes, yes, don't be surprised.

Steam Sale

All about cards on Steam can be found here.

Also you can get them for viewing the recommendations. 1 card in 1 day! Not bad, right?

Steam Sale

Cards on SteamLevelU

Buying regular sets, you will receive conditional cashback in the form of sale cards, because, as we said earlier, for creating a badge from any game you get a Summer Sale card.

On our website in the «Summer Sale» section, you can purchase sets of Mysterious Cards to create a badge.

Steam Sale

Steam Sale

Steam Sale

You can go to that section by clicking on «Mode: Summer Sale» on the main page.

But do not forget that the button to go will change depending on the season of the sale (winter, summer).

To sum up

So, during the Steam Summer Sale period, you can buy the discounted games you've been dreaming of for a long time, get and sell the Summer Sale Cards for free.

We also promise you numerous contests in our Vkontakte group, in which you can win valuable prizes.